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Percentage, Ratio and Proportion MCQ Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Percentage, ratio and proportion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF, percentage, ratio and proportion MCQs questions PDF worksheets to solve grade 9 math test 1 for online school programs. Practice "Math Theorems" MCQs, percentage, ratio and proportion quiz questions and answers for online courses. Learn math theorems, mathematical ratios, proportions in math, percentage calculations test prep for online classes.

"In 2 similar triangles, the measure of their corresponding sides are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on percentage, ratio and proportion with choices parallel, opposite, congruent, and proportional for online courses. Solve math study guide for online courses math theorems quiz questions for free online courses.

Percentage, Ratio and Proportion MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: In 2 similar triangles, the measure of their corresponding sides are

  1. opposite
  2. parallel
  3. congruent
  4. proportional


MCQ: The unit of ratio is

  1. cm
  2. inches
  3. it has no unit
  4. radians


MCQ: If two quantities are related in such a way that increase in 1 quantity causes increase in other quantity, then this variation is said to be

  1. joint proportion
  2. extreme proportion
  3. direct proportion
  4. inverse proportion


MCQ: An Airplane carries 500 passengers, 45% are men, 20% are children. The number of women in the airplane is

  1. 175
  2. 150
  3. 166
  4. 180


MCQ: A shoe costs a cobbler $400. He sells it for $520. What percentage of profit did he earn?

  1. 0.25
  2. 0.3
  3. 0.35
  4. 0.45