Matrices and Determinants MCQ Questions and Answers PDF Download

Matrices and determinants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), matrices and determinants MCQs questions PDF to practice grade 9 math test 1 for online school programs. Practice "Types of Matrices" MCQs, matrices and determinants quiz questions and answers for online classes. Learn types of matrices, matrix, matrices: addition and subtraction test prep for distance learning classes.

"In matrices (a + b)t equals to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on matrices and determinants with choices bt, at, at + bt, and at bt for online classes. Free math study guide for online learning types of matrices quiz questions for online school classes.

Matrices and Determinants MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Download

MCQ: In matrices (a + b)t equals to

  1. At
  2. Bt
  3. At + Bt
  4. At Bt


MCQ: Skew symmetric matrix is also called

  1. symmetric
  2. identical matrix
  3. square matrix
  4. anti symmetric


MCQ: Generally the elements of a matrix are denoted by

  1. numbers
  2. capital letters
  3. small letters
  4. both A and C


MCQ: We can subtract two matrices A and B if their

  1. elements are same
  2. order is same
  3. rows are same
  4. columns are same


MCQ: In matrices (AB)−1 equals to

  1. B−1
  2. A−1
  3. B−1 A−1
  4. A−1 B−1