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Solve Plate tectonics MCQ questions and answers, plate tectonics trivia questions with answers PDF to learn grade 8 geography course test 12 for online classes. Earth Internal Structure MCQs, plate tectonics quiz questions and answers for online elementary school courses. Plate Tectonics Book PDF: earth internal structure, plate tectonics and movement, continental plates test prep for elementary school graduation certificate.

"The mantle is mainly" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): plate tectonics App APK with semi-solid, solid, molten, and gaseous choices for online elementary school courses. Study earth internal structure quiz questions for school certificate programs for online schools.

MCQs on Plate Tectonics Quiz

MCQ: The mantle is mainly


MCQ: An example of divergence of two plates is

Arabian Plate from Persian Plate
South American Plate from African Plate
Arabian Plate from Eurasian Plate
Indo-Australian Plate from Eurasian Plate

MCQ: Compared to Oceanic Plates, the Continental Plates are

more dense and heavy
less dense but heavy
more dense but light
less dense and light

MCQ: When the collision of Oceanic and Continental Plates takes place, the Oceanic Plate is pushed towards the


MCQ: Compared to the Continental Plates, the Oceanic Plates are

less thick
more thick

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