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Folds and Faults Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 8

Solve Folds and faults worksheets with answers, folds and faults trivia questions with answers PDF to practice grade 8 geography worksheet 8 for online learning. Practice Folding Process MCQs, folds and faults quiz questions and answers for virtual elementary school. Folds and Faults MCQ PDF: folding process, faulting process, folds and mountains, fold mountain range test prep for online schools.

"When folding occurs in sedimentary rock layers, they bend upwards and form a/an" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on folds and faults with choices syncline, limbs, anticline, and cliff for virtual elementary school. Solve folding process quiz questions for school certificate programs for online elementary school classes.

MCQs on Folds and Faults Quiz

MCQ: When folding occurs in sedimentary rock layers, they bend upwards and form a/an


MCQ: Another force due to which Faulting occurs is

magnetic force
contact force
compressional force
expansion force

MCQ: The fault or fold of a plate depends on its

shape and size
flexibility under force

MCQ: Even further over limited push would convert recumbent fold into a

under thrust fold
over lifted fold
over dragged fold
over thrust fold

MCQ: An example of fold mountain range in Europe is

Rock Mountains