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Study Solutions quiz questions and answers, solutions MCQ questions with answers PDF to solve grade 7 science quiz 3 for online certification. Solubility MCQs, solutions quiz questions and answers for online school and college. "Solutions Quiz" PDF Book: solubility, solutes solvents and solution, acids and alkalis test prep for online elementary school.

"Solubility depends upon" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on solutions with choices solute, temperature, solvent, and all of above for online school and college. Learn solubility quiz questions for school certificate programs for online degree programs.

Solutions Questions and Answers

MCQ: Solubility depends upon

all of above

MCQ: Medicinal drugs are bitter in taste hence they are added with

dry ice

MCQ: Some metals are so unreactive that they do not react with

all of above

MCQ: When a large amount of solute dissolves in a given amount of solvent it forms

dilute solution
saturated solution
aqueous solution
concentrated solution

MCQ: The acid which is found in the sting of a bee and the bite of an ant is

carbonic acid
lactic acid
formic acid
citric acid

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