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The Book Physical and chemical changes Quiz Questions and Answers, physical and chemical changes MCQ questions with answers PDF 31 to study online courses, class 7 science tests. Practice Physical Changes MCQs, physical and chemical changes quiz questions and answers for online classes. The App Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz e-Book PDF Download: physical changes, making plastics, magnesium and oxygen, iron and sulphur test prep for online education.

The Quiz: When the state of matter is changed from solid to liquid, we call it PDF, "Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz" App iOS & Android (Free) with freezing, melting, boiling, and condensing choices for online classes. Study physical changes quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for virtual online school.

Class 7 Science: Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: When the state of matter is changed from solid to liquid, we call it

A) melting
B) freezing
C) boiling
D) condensing

MCQ: The name of the inventor who invented plastic is

A) John Dalton
B) John Green
C) Albert Einstein
D) John Hyatt

MCQ: 'Plastics' are

A) nature made
B) self made
C) man made
D) ion-made

MCQ: The reaction of 'magnesium' with air is

A) exothermic reaction
B) endothermic reaction
C) reversible reaction
D) substitution reaction

MCQ: The color of solid sulphur is

A) green
B) brown
C) white
D) yellow

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