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Learn Atom structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice atom structure quiz answers PDF to study online 7th grade science course. Atoms and Atom Model Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Atom Structure quiz questions PDF for online learning. "Atom Structure MCQ" PDF eBook: inside an atom, uses of radioisotopes, ionic bonds, mass number and isotopes test prep for distance learning.

"Electrons have" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on atom structure with choices negative charge, positive charge, no charge, and both charges for online learning. Study atoms and atom model quiz questions for online certificate programs for online study.

MCQs on Atom Structure

MCQ: Electrons have

negative charge
positive charge
no charge
both charges

MCQ: Neutrons have

negative charge
positive charge
no charge
both charges

MCQ: 'Nucleus' is surrounded by

electrons and protons

MCQ: Name of the important particles in an atom are

protons, electrons and positrons
neutrons, electrons and positrons
protons, electron and photons
protons, neutrons and electrons

MCQ: If atom would have been enlarged to a football ground size, the nucleus would be the size of

central spot
D in front of the goal post
half pitch
goal post