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Investigating Space Practice Test PDF Download eBook - 28

Solve Investigating space mock test for exam PDF, investigating space trivia worksheets with answers key to practice 7th grade science worksheet 28 for online learning. Practice "Solar System Sun" MCQs, investigating space quiz questions and answers for online education. Learn constellation, sun facts for kids, telescopes, galaxies test prep for free online courses.

"Ancient name of constellations refer to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on investigating space with choices 88 areas, 77 areas, 99 areas, and 66 areas for online education. Solve solar system sun quiz questions for school certificate programs for online degrees.

Investigating Space MCQs Quiz 28 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Ancient name of constellations refer to

  1. 77 areas
  2. 88 areas
  3. 99 areas
  4. 66 areas


MCQ: The 'sun' is about

  1. 5,000 years old
  2. 5 million years old
  3. 5 billion years old
  4. 5 trillion years old


MCQ: In a plane mirror, light is reflected through

  1. eyepiece lens
  2. convex lens
  3. concave lens
  4. light mirror


MCQ: Which is the most common type of galaxy in the universe?

  1. spiral galaxy
  2. irregular galaxy
  3. elliptical galaxy
  4. regular galaxy


MCQ: The rarest type of the 'galaxy' is

  1. peculiar galaxy
  2. lenticular galaxy
  3. irregular galaxy
  4. spiral galaxy