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Study Human transport system quiz questions and answers, human transport system MCQ questions with answers PDF to study grade 7 science course test 11 for online classes. Human Heart MCQs, human transport system quiz questions and answers for online education. Human Transport System Book PDF: human heart, what is blood, heart function, what are white blood cells test prep for free online courses.

"In a body heat is transferred by blood from" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): human transport system App APK with liver to heart, lungs to heart, liver to cells, and heart to cells choices for online education. Learn human heart quiz questions for school certificate programs for online degrees.

Human Transport System Questions and Answers

MCQ: In a body heat is transferred by blood from

lungs to heart
liver to heart
liver to cells
heart to cells

MCQ: In blood the main task of red blood cells is to

defend body from disease
transport oxygen
heal the wounds
refresh the heart

MCQ: Carbon dioxide has to be taken from

lungs to cells
heart to liver
lungs to liver
cells to lungs

MCQ: The muscles of the atria and ventricles squeeze to

move the blood
make some space for blood
make space for air
build a vacuum

MCQ: 'White blood' cells are made in

bone marrow

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