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Human Transport System MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 12

The Book Human transport system MCQ Questions and Answers PDF, human transport system trivia questions, test 12 to download class 7 science online course. Solve Human Heart MCQ PDF, human transport system quiz questions and answers for online classes. The eBook Human Transport System Trivia App Download: human heart, what is blood, arteries veins and capillaries test prep for distance learning classes.

The MCQ Quiz: Each atrium and ventricle is separated by PDF, "Human Transport System MCQ Quiz" App APK Download with bones, net of tissues, muscles, and skin choices for online classes. Practice human heart quiz questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online school classes.

Class 7 Science: Human Transport System MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Each atrium and ventricle is separated by

A) net of tissues
B) bones
C) muscles
D) skin

MCQ: The cells that make the color of blood "Red" are known as

A) white blood cells
B) platelets
C) red blood cells
D) antigens

MCQ: Oxygenated blood is carried by

A) arteries
B) veins
C) capillaries
D) intestines

MCQ: The yellow liquid in the blood is known as

A) plasma
B) hemoglobin
C) fibrin
D) fibrinogen

MCQ: The blood has to distribute among all the cells of a body by arteries so they are divided into millions of tiny

A) arteries
B) veins
C) capillaries
D) nerves

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