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Heat Transfer Multiple Choice Questions 20 PDF Download eBook

Practice Heat transfer MCQ questions and answers PDF, heat transfer quiz answers PDF worksheets to solve grade 7 science test 20 for online classes. Practice "Radiation and Heat Transfer" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), heat transfer quiz questions and answers for free online classes. Learn saving heat, applications of heat, heat and temperature, radiation and greenhouse effect, convection current and weather test prep for online school courses.

"White painted roof and walls prevent" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on heat transfer with choices excess heat absorption, excess heat loss, excess heat loss and absorption, and excess heat transfer for free online classes. Solve radiation and heat transfer quiz questions for school certificate programs for online elementary school classes.

Heat Transfer MCQs Quiz 20 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: White painted roof and walls prevent

  1. excess heat loss
  2. excess heat absorption
  3. excess heat loss and absorption
  4. excess heat transfer


MCQ: Nowadays, instead of glass, manufacturers are using

  1. double sided metal
  2. single sided metal
  3. shiny metal
  4. dull metal


MCQ: All substance are made up of particles that are constantly

  1. moving
  2. vibrating
  3. absorbing
  4. releasing


MCQ: Soil and plants emit

  1. low ultraviolet rays
  2. high ultraviolet rays
  3. low infrared waves
  4. high infrared waves


MCQ: At night, warm air rises over

  1. land
  2. sea
  3. trees
  4. ground