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Transport and Communications Multiple Choice Questions Online p. 1

Learn Transport and communications multiple choice questions and answers, transport and communications quiz answers PDF to learn grade 7 geography test 1 for online courses. Communications MCQs, transport and communications quiz questions and answers for online learning. "Transport and Communications MCQ" PDF Book: communications, accessibility, types of transport test prep for elementary school graduation certificate.

"The kind of communication in which you get ideas and information from particular source is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transport and communications with choices directional communication, analogue communication, one-way communication, and two-way communication for online learning. Practice communications quiz questions for school certificate programs for online elementary school courses.

MCQs on Transport and Communications Quiz

MCQ: The kind of communication in which you get ideas and information from particular source is called

analogue communication
directional communication
one-way communication
two-way communication

MCQ: The term used to express how it is easy to reach at particular place is

refer ability

MCQ: The fruits and vegetables are classified as

branded goods
luxury goods
perishable goods
non-perishable goods

MCQ: Considering the sea transport, the GPS stands for

Greenwich Placement Systems
Global Placement Systems
German Placement Systems
Global Positioning Systems

MCQ: The high speed railway Wuhan-Guangzhou is used for transport in


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