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Learn How we see things multiple choice questions and answers, how we see things quiz answers PDF to learn grade 6 science test 1 for online courses. Reflection of Light Science MCQs, how we see things quiz questions and answers for virtual elementary school. "How We See Things MCQ" PDF Book: reflection of light: science, sources of light, light energy test prep for online education programs.

"Rough surfaces can reflect" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on how we see things with choices heat, light, force, and energy for virtual elementary school. Practice reflection of light science quiz questions for school certificate programs for online education.

MCQs on How We See Things Quiz

MCQ: Rough surfaces can reflect


MCQ: The things which give off light are called

light sources
stores of light
solar energy

MCQ: If a light falls on a mirror it will

pass through

MCQ: A lot of heat energy and light energy is given off by a

filament bulb
zero bulb
oil lamp

MCQ: Mirror and diamond are considered

light sources
not as light sources
primary source of light
light generators

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