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The Book Geography map skills MCQ with Answers, geography map skills quiz questions with answers PDF 2 to learn online courses, class 6 geography tests. Study Map Symbols Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), geography map skills quiz questions and answers for online degree programs. The App Geography Map Skills MCQs e-Book PDF Download: map symbols, maps and directions, types of maps, finding direction test prep for online courses.

The MCQ: The symbols on map by which rivers, roads and railway tracks are represented are PDF, "Geography Map Skills MCQs" App Android & iOS (Free) with point symbols, line symbols, height symbols, and area symbols choices for online degree programs. Practice map symbols quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for online elementary school.

Class 6 Geography: Geography Map Skills Quiz Answers PDF Download

MCQ: The symbols on map by which rivers, roads and railway tracks are represented are

A) line symbols
B) point symbols
C) height symbols
D) area symbols

MCQ: The dotted line is usually shown on the maps to represent

A) stream
B) river
C) road
D) path

MCQ: The title of the map gives us information about

A) what maps shows
B) the position of north
C) human features
D) physical features

MCQ: The types of maps includes

A) thematic maps
B) resource or economic maps
C) political maps
D) all of above

MCQ: The compass is usually used to find the

A) movement of Moon
B) movement of Earth
C) direction
D) distance

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