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The Book Geometrical optics MCQ with Answers, geometrical optics quiz questions with answers PDF 6 to learn online courses, class 10 physics tests. Study Lenses and Characteristics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), geometrical optics quiz questions and answers for online school and college. The App Geometrical Optics MCQs eBook PDF Download: lenses and characteristics, telescope, spherical mirrors, image formation by lenses test prep for online school and college.

The MCQ: Concave lens is also called PDF, "Geometrical Optics" App Android & iOS (Free) with converging lens, diverging lens, convex lens, and none of above choices for online school and college. Practice lenses and characteristics quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for online school courses.

Class 10 Physics: Geometrical Optics Quiz Answers PDF Download

MCQ: Concave lens is also called

A) diverging lens
B) converging lens
C) convex lens
D) none of above

MCQ: To see dim stars, we use

A) simple microscope
B) compound microscope
C) endoscope
D) telescope

MCQ: Power of a lens is defined as the reciprocal of its

A) focal length in meters
B) principal axis
C) optical center
D) vertex

MCQ: The focus lies behind the mirror in

A) convex mirror
B) concave mirror
C) silver mirror
D) plane mirror

MCQ: After refraction by the lens, the ray parallel to the principal axis passes through the

A) optical center
B) vertex
C) focal point
D) core

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