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Learn Combining atoms fusion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice combining atoms fusion quiz answers PDF to study online earth science course. Energy Resources Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Combining Atoms Fusion quiz questions PDF for free online courses. "Combining Atoms Fusion MCQ" PDF eBook: fossil fuels formation, energy resources, earths resource, chemical energy test prep for virtual elementary school.

"The amount of energy released by fusion is in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on combining atoms: fusion with choices less amount, huge amount, moderate amount, and variable amounts for free online courses. Study energy resources quiz questions for online certificate programs for online schools.

MCQs on Combining Atoms Fusion

MCQ: The amount of energy released by fusion is in

less amount
huge amount
moderate amount
variable amounts

MCQ: Fusion naturally occurs on


MCQ: The main disadvantage of fusion is that it needs

extreme pressure only
extreme temperature only
extreme pressure and temperature both
extremely low pressure but extremely high temperature

MCQ: Compared to fission, fusion produces

more waste
less waste
less energy
less power

MCQ: The temperature required by fusion can be withstood by

no material