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Learn Sewage system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice sewage system quiz answers PDF to study online 7th grade science course. Importance of Water Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Sewage System quiz questions PDF for taking online classes. "Sewage System MCQ" PDF eBook: safe and drinking water, fresh water, water treatment test prep for online learning.

"The soil and sand is settled at the bottom in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on sewage system with choices metal screen, grit tank, sludge tank, and filter bed for taking online classes. Study importance of water quiz questions for online certificate programs for virtual online school.

MCQs on Sewage System

MCQ: The soil and sand is settled at the bottom in

metal screen
grit tank
sludge tank
filter bed

MCQ: Untreated sewage should not be pumped into

water tanks
water reservoirs
rivers and streams

MCQ: In country area, untreated sewage is pumped into tanks known as

septic tanks
sewage tanks
grit tanks
sludge tanks

MCQ: The remaining sewage after it has passed through the sludge tank is known as

treated sewage

MCQ: Which gas is often used as a energy source at the city's wastewater treatment plants?