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Frequency and Pitch MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Frequency and pitch Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve frequency and pitch quiz answers PDF worksheet, 7th grade science test for online courses. Practice sound waves Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Frequency and Pitch quiz questions PDF for online education programs. Frequency and Pitch MCQ PDF: sound absorption, all around sounds, speed of sound, frequency and pitch test prep for online degree programs.

"Sound waves are converted by" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on the atmosphere with choices speakers, computers, microphones, and monitors for online education programs. Solve sound waves quiz questions for online certificate programs for online school classes.

MCQs on Frequency and Pitch PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Sound waves are converted by

  1. speakers
  2. computers
  3. microphones
  4. monitors


MCQ: A drum makes sound of

  1. high frequency
  2. low amplitude
  3. high pitch
  4. low pitch


MCQ: In one wavelength, wave passes through

  1. one complete vibration
  2. two complete vibrations
  3. one and a half vibration
  4. two and a half vibration


MCQ: If frequency is high, the peak of the waves would be

  1. uneven
  2. closer
  3. distant
  4. even


MCQ: If frequency increases,

  1. wavelength also increases
  2. amplitude also increases
  3. number of waves also increases
  4. amplitude decreases