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Elements Classification MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Elements classification Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice elements classification quiz answers PDF, 7th grade science worksheets for online degrees. Solve elements and compounds Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Elements Classification quiz questions PDF for online courses. Elements Classification MCQs PDF: what is compound, elements classification test prep for distance education.

"Elements resting in the same group share same" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on reflection of light: science with choices physical properties, chemical properties, special properties, and bonding properties for online courses. Solve elements and compounds quiz questions for online certificate programs for school certificate.

MCQs on Elements Classification PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Elements resting in the same group share same

  1. physical properties
  2. chemical properties
  3. special properties
  4. bonding properties


MCQ: The person who first arranged elements in form of periodic table was

  1. Lewis
  2. Mendeleev
  3. Thomas
  4. Darwin


MCQ: All elements possess different

  1. physical properties
  2. chemical properties
  3. special properties
  4. both a and b


MCQ: On periodic table from left to right, elements change from metal to

  1. acids
  2. non metals
  3. alkalis
  4. metalloids


MCQ: The general properties of metals are

  1. shiny
  2. ductile
  3. malleable
  4. all of above