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Practice Element compound and mixture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve element compound and mixture quiz answers PDF to learn 7th grade science online course. Mixtures Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Element Compound and Mixture quiz questions PDF for online learning. "Element Compound and Mixture MCQ" PDF Book: separating mixtures, element compound and mixture, what is mixture test prep for distance learning.

"The point at which solid substance changes into liquid state, is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on element compound and mixture with choices melting point, boiling point, power point, and complex point for online learning. Learn mixtures quiz questions for online certificate programs for online study.

MCQs on Element Compound and Mixture

MCQ: The point at which solid substance changes into liquid state, is called

melting point
boiling point
power point
complex point

MCQ: Mixtures are impure and hence have different

melting point
boiling point
melting and boiling point

MCQ: '1465' is the boiling point for

sodium chloride

MCQ: The melting point of 'sodium' is


MCQ: Boiling point is a point at which liquid turns in to

molten shape