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Learn What are microorganisms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice what are microorganisms quiz answers PDF to study online 6th grade science course. Micro Organisms Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), What are Microorganisms quiz questions PDF for distance education. "What are Microorganisms MCQ" PDF eBook: microorganisms and food, microorganisms and viruses test prep for online degree programs.

"Microbes can live in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on what are microorganisms with choices living things, non-living things , and dead bodies for distance education. Study micro organisms quiz questions for online certificate programs for online learning.

MCQs on What are Microorganisms

MCQ: Microbes can live in

living things
non-living things
both a and b
dead bodies

MCQ: If food is left on table for a long time bacteria will

spoil food
both a and b
keep refresh

MCQ: Parasites are


MCQ: Microorganisms can be found

in water
in air
all around us
in animals

MCQ: Type of bacteria which can prepare its own food from sunlight is called


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