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Potential Difference MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Potential difference Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), potential difference quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 10 10th grade physics test for online courses. Solve current electricity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Potential Difference" quiz questions and answers for online school courses. Learn physics: electronics, ohm's law, resistors and resistance, potential difference test prep for online high school classes.

"Potential difference across ends of conductor causes loss of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on motion of freely falling bodies with choices mechanical energy, electrical energy, potential energy, and gravitational energy for online school courses. Solve current electricity quiz questions for online certificate programs for online certificate courses.

MCQs on Potential Difference PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Potential difference across ends of conductor causes loss of

  1. mechanical energy
  2. electrical energy
  3. potential energy
  4. gravitational energy


MCQ: If a person's skin is wet then the resistance becomes only 1000Ω resistance. How much current would he receive from the battery of 12 V?

  1. 2.3 × 10-2
  2. 1.2 × 10-2
  3. 2.9 × 10-2
  4. 3.6 × 10-2


MCQ: SI unit of potential difference is

  1. kg
  2. Pascal
  3. joule
  4. volt


MCQ: The agency which provides the potential difference for the steady flow of current in the copper wire is the

  1. battery
  2. voltmeter
  3. galvanometer
  4. ammeter


MCQ: The first practical electric battery, known as the voltaic pile was developed by

  1. Newton
  2. Luigi Galvano
  3. Alessandro Volta
  4. Hooke Alexander