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Practice Kilowatt hour Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve kilowatt hour quiz answers PDF to learn 10th grade physics online course. Current Electricity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Kilowatt Hour quiz questions PDF for virtual online school. "Kilowatt Hour MCQ" PDF Book: direct current and alternating current, ohm's law, hazards of electricity test prep for high school graduation certificate.

"The amount of energy delivered by the power of one kilowatt in one hour is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on kilowatt hour with choices kilogram-second, kilowatt-second, watt-hour, and kilowatt-hour for virtual online school. Learn current electricity quiz questions for online certificate programs for virtual online school.

MCQs on Kilowatt Hour

MCQ: The amount of energy delivered by the power of one kilowatt in one hour is called


MCQ: A very large unit of electric energy is needed which is called


MCQ: One kilowatt-hour is equal to

36×105 J
32×105 J
30×105 J
35×105 J

MCQ: A 50 W television and 3 kW oven are connected to a 300 V supply. The resistance of each appliance is respectively

200Ω, 20Ω
1875Ω, 6Ω
308Ω, 589Ω
350Ω, 208Ω

MCQ: Find the resistance of filament of electric bulb marked as 220 V, 100 W.

100 Ω
380 Ω
220 Ω
480 Ω