Echo of Sound MCQ Questions Online PDF Download

Echo of sound MCQs, echo of sound quiz answers pdf to study high school physics for online certificate courses. Learn sound Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "echo of sound" quiz questions and answers for online school and college. Learn noise pollution, characteristics of sound, sound and sound waves, sound waves in physics, echo of sound test prep for online school and college.

"To communicate with each other, Elephants use" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on thermal properties of matter with choices low frequency sound waves, low frequency light waves, high frequency sound waves, and low frequency heat waves for online school and college. Free physics student portal for online learning sound quiz questions for online school courses.

MCQs on Echo of Sound PDF Download

MCQ: To communicate with each other, Elephants use

  1. low frequency sound waves
  2. low frequency light waves
  3. high frequency sound waves
  4. low frequency heat waves


MCQ: When sound is incident on the surface of a medium it bounces back into the first medium. The phenomenon is called

  1. refraction of sound
  2. deflection of sound
  3. defraction of sound
  4. reflection of sound


MCQ: The total distance covered by the sound from the point of generation to the reflecting surface and back should be at least

  1. 30 m
  2. 34 m
  3. 40 m
  4. 38 m


MCQ: For hearing distinct echoes, the minimum distance of the obstacle from the source of sound must be

  1. double to this distance
  2. equal to this distance
  3. half of this distance
  4. one third to this distance


MCQ: Echoes may be heard more than once due to successive or multiple reflections

  1. deflections
  2. defraction
  3. refractions
  4. reflections