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Kinematics MCQ Questions PDF Download - 18

The Book Kinematics MCQ with Answers PDF, kinematics quiz questions, test 18 to study online class 9 physics certification course. Study Motion of Freely Falling Bodies Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF, kinematics quiz questions and answers for online study. The eBook Kinematics MCQs App Download: motion of freely falling bodies, equations of motion, types of motion, scalars and vectors test prep for distance learning.

The MCQs: Gravitational acceleration is denoted by PDF, "Kinematics" App Android & iOS (Free) with g, a, r, and g choices for online study. Practice motion of freely falling bodies quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for taking online classes.

Class 9 Physics: Kinematics Quiz Answers PDF Download

MCQ: Gravitational acceleration is denoted by

A) a
B) g
C) r
D) G

MCQ: The third equation of motion can be represented as

A) Vf = Vi + at
B) 2aS = V2f - V2i
C) 2aS = Vf - Vi
D) none of above

MCQ: The value of gravitational acceleration is approximately

A) 15 ms−2
B) 25 ms−2
C) 10 ms−2
D) 5 ms−2

MCQ: Straight line motion of a body is known as

A) circular motion
B) linear motion
C) random motion
D) vibratory motion

MCQ: Alex is walking at the rate of 2km/h towards east, it is an example of

A) vector
B) scalar
C) length
D) energy

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