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Study Respiration and food energy quiz questions and answers, respiration and food energy MCQ questions with answers PDF to study grade 7 science course test 3 for online classes. Respiratory System Diseases MCQs, respiration and food energy quiz questions and answers for distance learning. Respiration and Food Energy Book PDF: respiratory system diseases, air moist, warm and clean, how we breathe test prep for online certificate courses.

"Flu is caused by" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): respiration and food energy App APK with viruses, bacteria, insects, and dust choices for distance learning. Learn respiratory system diseases quiz questions for school certificate programs for online certifications.

Respiration and Food Energy Questions and Answers

MCQ: Flu is caused by


MCQ: Hair in nostrils help to

inhale easily
exhale easily
clean air from dust
make the air warm

MCQ: The main cause of 'asthma' is

tobacco smoke

MCQ: The 'air' is made warm by

hair in nostrils
blood capillaries in nostrils
water in the nose
mucus in the nostrils

MCQ: The respiration that does not involve the presence of oxygen is known as

aerobic respiration
anaerobic respiration
passive Respiration
active respiration

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