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Estimation and Approximation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 1

Practice Estimation and approximation multiple choice questions and answers PDF, estimation and approximation MCQ worksheets with answers key to solve 6th grade math worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice "Round Off Values" MCQs, estimation and approximation quiz questions and answers for online degree programs. Learn round off values, significant figures, estimation and rounding, rounding numbers, rounding off numbers test prep for online courses.

"The round off value of 78.25m to the nearest 10m is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on estimation and approximation with choices 80m, 75m, 79m, and 78m for online degree programs. Solve round off values quiz questions for school certificate programs for online elementary school.

Estimation and Approximation MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The round off value of 78.25m to the nearest 10m is

  1. 75m
  2. 80m
  3. 79m
  4. 78m


MCQ: By evaluating (83 x 2.06)⁄5.48, the answer correct to three significant figures is

  1. 5.12
  2. 31.2
  3. 312
  4. 3.12


MCQ: The estimated value of the square root of 650 is

  1. 15.495
  2. 2.5495
  3. 254.95
  4. 25.495


MCQ: The correct value of 0.006472867 up to three significant figures is

  1. 0.00647
  2. 0.006
  3. 0.00867
  4. 0.647


MCQ: The round off value of 10256⁄32548 up to three decimal places is

  1. 0.315
  2. 0.316
  3. 0.318
  4. 0.32