Multiple Choice Questions on Homeostasis Quiz 19 PDF Download

Homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), homeostasis quiz answers PDF, biology test 19 for online degree courses. Practice "Plant Homeostasis" MCQs, homeostasis quiz questions and answers for virtual high school. Learn urine composition, plant homeostasis, urinary system structure, biology test prep test prep for online schools.

"Considering the normal urine composition, the chloride ions content is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on homeostasis with choices 1.87g/l, 4.2g/l, 2.5g/l, and 3.6g/l for virtual high school. Free biology study guide for online learning plant homeostasis quiz questions for online high school classes.

Homeostasis MCQs Quiz 19 PDF Download

MCQ: Considering the normal urine composition, the chloride ions content is

  1. 4.2g/l
  2. 1.87g/l
  3. 2.5g/l
  4. 3.6g/l


MCQ: The coniferous trees remove waste materials through

  1. resins
  2. gums
  3. latex
  4. mucilage


MCQ: The capillaries of the glomerulus join to form

  1. afferent arteriole
  2. renal artery
  3. efferent arteriole
  4. bowman's capsule


MCQ: In each human kidney, the number of nephrons is over

  1. three million
  2. one million
  3. two million
  4. half million


MCQ: In normal urine composition, the sodium ions content is

  1. 2.27g/l
  2. 1.17g/l
  3. 3.2g/l
  4. 3.6g/l