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Solve Thermal properties of matter MCQ questions and answers, thermal properties of matter trivia questions with answers PDF to learn grade 9 physics course test 16 for online classes. Thermometer MCQs, thermal properties of matter quiz questions and answers for online certifications. Thermal Properties of Matter Book PDF: thermometer, thermal expansion, temperature conversion test prep for online secondary school.

"On Celsius scale, the interval between the lower and upper fixed points is divided into" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): thermal properties of matter App APK with 180 equal parts, 100 equal parts, 50 equal parts, and 90 equal parts choices for online certifications. Study thermometer quiz questions for school certificate programs for online school courses.

MCQs on Thermal Properties of Matter Quiz

MCQ: On Celsius scale, the interval between the lower and upper fixed points is divided into

100 equal parts
180 equal parts
50 equal parts
90 equal parts

MCQ: Bridges with rollers below one of their ends allow movements due to

expansion only
contraction only
expansion and contraction

MCQ: The coefficient of linear thermal expansion of a substance is denoted by


MCQ: Wires on electric poles are given some sag on order to prevent

expansion in winters
contraction in winters
touching with each other
from coming in way of air planes

MCQ: If we convert 110 °F into Celsius scale of temperature, we get

43.3 °C
0 °C
150 °C
60.5 °C

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