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Thermal Properties of Matter MCQ Questions and Answers 10 PDF Download eBook

Thermal properties of matter Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), thermal properties of matter MCQs questions PDF to practice grade 9 physics test 10 for online school programs. Practice "Thermal Expansion" MCQs, thermal properties of matter quiz questions and answers for online degrees. Learn physics for class 9, physics: temperature, temperature and heat, thermal physics test prep for online secondary school courses.

"Greater number of molecules has the chance to escape from the surface if its area is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on thermal properties of matter with choices larger, smaller, deep, and shallow for online degrees. Free physics study guide for online learning thermal expansion quiz questions for online teaching certification programs.

Thermal Properties of Matter MCQs Quiz 10 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Greater number of molecules has the chance to escape from the surface if its area is

  1. smaller
  2. larger
  3. deep
  4. shallow


MCQ: In SI units, the unit of temperature is

  1. kelvin(K)
  2. omega(ω)
  3. pi(π)
  4. newton(N)


MCQ: On the Kelvin scale, the upper fixed point is marked as

  1. 180 K
  2. 273 K
  3. 373 K
  4. 0 K


MCQ: The substance which has the greatest average kinetic energy is

  1. steel
  2. copper
  3. water
  4. lead


MCQ: In central heating systems, to carry thermal energy through pipes from the boiler to radiators we use

  1. hot water
  2. cold water
  3. mercury
  4. carbonates