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Solve Dynamics quiz questions and answers, dynamics MCQ questions with answers PDF to solve grade 9 physics quiz 15 for online certification. Newtons Laws of Motion MCQs, dynamics quiz questions and answers for online study. "Dynamics Book" PDF: newtons laws of motion, physics: friction, uniform circular motion, newton's laws of motion test prep for online teaching certification programs.

"The resultant of all the forces acting on body is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on dynamics with choices normal force, net force, perpendicular force, and equilibrium for online study. Practice newtons laws of motion quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance learning classes.

Dynamics Questions and Answers

MCQ: The resultant of all the forces acting on body is

net force
normal force
perpendicular force

MCQ: As compare to sliding friction, the rolling friction is

always negative

MCQ: If a body is moving in a straight line then net force acting on it is


MCQ: Centripetal reaction that pulls the string outward is sometimes called the

centrifugal force
gravitational force
dynamic force
translatory force

MCQ: The weight of a body is 150 N. Its mass will be

10 kg
15 kg
18 kg
20 kg