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Learn Logarithms and exponents MCQ with answers, logarithms and exponents quiz questions with answers PDF to solve grade 9 math MCQ bank 2 for online classes. Laws of Logarithm Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), logarithms and exponents quiz questions and answers for online courses. "Logarithms and Exponents" MCQs PDF: laws of logarithm, scientific notation, laws of logarithm test prep for distance education.

"Log (M × N) equals to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on logarithms and exponents with choices log n - log m, log m - log n, log m + log n, and mn for online courses. Solve laws of logarithm quiz questions for school certificate programs for school certificate.

MCQs on Logarithms and Exponents

MCQ: Log (M × N) equals to

log M - log N
log N - log M
log M + log N

MCQ: The scientific form of 0.425 is

4.25 × 10−1
4.25 × 10
42.5 × 10
42.5 × 10²

MCQ: Logamn equals to

logam + logan
logam - logan
n logam
logbn × logab

MCQ: Log 13.4 ⁄ 23.6 equals to

log 13.4 + log 23.6
log 13.4 - log 23.6
log 13.4 × log 23.6

MCQ: Logba × logcb can be written as