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Fundamentals of Chemistry Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download eBook

Practice Fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions and answers PDF, fundamentals of chemistry trivia questions PDF worksheets to solve grade 9 chemistry test 6 for online courses. Practice "Relative Atomic Mass and Mass Unit" MCQs, fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions and answers for online schools. Learn ions and free radicals, gram atomic mass molecular mass and gram formula, empirical and molecular formulas, molecular and formula mass, elements and compounds particles test prep for online secondary school courses.

"An ionic compound is electrically" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on fundamentals of chemistry with choices positively charged, neutral, negatively charged, and none of above for online schools. Solve chemistry study guide for online courses relative atomic mass and mass unit quiz questions for online courses.

Fundamentals of Chemistry MCQs Quiz 6 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: An ionic compound is electrically

  1. neutral
  2. positively charged
  3. negatively charged
  4. none of above


MCQ: Gram molecular mass of C6H12O6 is

  1. 18.016g
  2. 180.096g
  3. 58.5g
  4. 70g


MCQ: In glucose the simplest ratio between C, H and O is

  1. 0.0840625
  2. 0.126400463
  3. 0.04306713
  4. 0.127789352


MCQ: The formula mass of NaCl is

  1. 57.5 amu
  2. 58.5 amu
  3. 59.5 amu
  4. 60.0 amu


MCQ: Species present in a substance refers to

  1. atoms
  2. ions
  3. molecules
  4. representative particles