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Cells and Tissues Practice Test PDF Download eBook - 40

Solve Cells and tissues mock test for exam PDF, cells and tissues trivia worksheets with answers key to practice 9th grade biology worksheet 40 for online learning. Practice "Cell Organelles" MCQs, cells and tissues quiz questions and answers for online study. Learn cytoskeleton, microscope, passage of molecules and cells, compound tissues, epithelial tissue test prep for online study.

"The tubulin protein is a major component of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on cells and tissues with choices ferns and cilia, flagella and mosses, volvox and mosses, and flagella and cilia for online study. Solve cell organelles quiz questions for school certificate programs for online secondary school.

Cells and Tissues MCQs Quiz 40 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The tubulin protein is a major component of

  1. flagella and mosses
  2. ferns and cilia
  3. Volvox and mosses
  4. flagella and cilia


MCQ: The magnification power of a light microscope is equal to

  1. 1500 X
  2. 1200X
  3. 1000X
  4. 500X


MCQ: The solution which consists of an equal concentration of solutes is

  1. exotonic
  2. hypotonic
  3. hypertonic
  4. isotonic


MCQ: The material which hardens the cell walls of sclerenchyma tissues is

  1. actin
  2. lignin
  3. cristae
  4. tubulin


MCQ: The types of epithelial tissues do not includes

  1. ciliated epithelium
  2. columnar epithelium
  3. squamous epithelium
  4. cuboidal epithelium