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Biodiversity Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook

Solve Biodiversity worksheets with answers, biodiversity trivia questions with answers PDF to practice 9th grade biology worksheet 16 for online learning. Practice Binomial Nomenclature MCQs, biodiversity quiz questions and answers for online study. "Biodiversity Test" PDF book: binomial nomenclature, five kingdom, loss and conservation of biodiversity, classification system test prep for online teaching certification programs.

"According to binomial nomenclature, the organism consists of two" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on biodiversity with choices properties, names, modes of nutrition, and cell membrane for online study. Solve binomial nomenclature quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance learning classes.

Biodiversity MCQs Quiz 16 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: According to binomial nomenclature, the organism consists of two

  1. names
  2. properties
  3. modes of nutrition
  4. cell membrane


MCQ: The organisms that consist of multicellular sex organs forms

  1. endoplasmic reticulum
  2. embryos
  3. cell membranes
  4. cytoplasm


MCQ: Considering binomial nomenclature, the part of the name which never begins with a capital letter is

  1. generic name
  2. order name
  3. phylum name
  4. proper name


MCQ: The organization which are working on the conservation of biodiversity includes

  1. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) only
  2. World Wildlife Fund project (WWF-P) only
  3. world health organization (WHO)
  4. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and World Wildlife Fund project (WWF-P)


MCQ: The scientist who described bacteria as "Procariotique" is

  1. Alexander Fleming
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Margulis Chatton
  4. Edouard Chatton