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Food and Digestion MCQ Questions PDF Download - 10

The Book Food and digestion MCQ Questions, food and digestion MCQ with answers PDF, test 10 to study online class 8 science certification courses. Study Nutrients in Food Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF, food and digestion quiz questions and answers for online certifications. The e-Book Food and Digestion MCQs App Download: nutrients in food, human digestive system test prep for distance education.

The MCQs: To regulate fluids in our body we need PDF, "Food and Digestion" App Android & iOS (Free) with iodine, sodium, iron, and calcium choices for online certifications. Practice nutrients in food quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for online elementary school classes.

Class 8 Science MCQ: Food and Digestion Quiz Online PDF Download - 10

MCQ: To regulate fluids in our body we need

A) sodium
B) iodine
C) iron
D) calcium

MCQ: Vitamin A, D,E and K are stored in

A) fat tissue
B) nerve cells
C) epidermal cells
D) muscular cells

MCQ: When food leaves the stomach it is termed as

A) bolus
B) chyme
C) waste material
D) ammonia

MCQ: Large fat droplets are broken down in to smaller droplets by help of

A) proteases
B) bile
C) amylase
D) gastric juice

MCQ: A muscular organ which walls secretes gastric juice is

A) stomach
B) esophagus
C) rectum
D) esophagus

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