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Indices and Standard Form Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 13

Practice Indices and standard form multiple choice questions and answers PDF, indices and standard form MCQ worksheets with answers key to solve grade 8 8th grade math worksheet 13 for online courses. Practice Zero and Negative Indices MCQs, indices and standard form quiz questions and answers for school certificate. Learn everyday math, fractional indices, multiplication law of indices, zero and negative indices, common prefixes test prep for online elementary school classes.

"The answer of 6.5 x 107 in ordinary notation is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on indices and standard form with choices 650000, 65000, 6500000, and 65000000 for school certificate. Solve zero and negative indices quiz questions for school certificate programs for online education.

Indices and Standard Form MCQs Quiz 13 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The answer of 6.5 x 107 in ordinary notation is

  1. 65000
  2. 650000
  3. 6500000
  4. 65000000


MCQ: By simplifying the (a1⁄2 b1⁄5 c1⁄10 )5, the answer will be

  1. a5⁄2 bc1⁄2
  2. a2⁄3 yz1⁄3
  3. a5⁄7 z1⁄3
  4. a1⁄2 y1⁄3


MCQ: The product of 8y and 4y is

  1. 2y
  2. 32y
  3. 12y
  4. 4y


MCQ: By simplifying the (a0 )-2 x (b0 ), the result will be

  1. 1
  2. a
  3. b²a²


MCQ: The answer of 4.23 x 10-1 in ordinary notation is

  1. 0.00423
  2. 0.000423
  3. 0.0423
  4. 4.23