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Sound Waves Quiz Answers PDF Download - 7

The Book Sound waves Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, sound waves MCQ questions, test 7 to study class 7 science online course. Download All Around Sounds MCQs PDF, sound waves quiz questions and answers for online school classes. The eBook Sound Waves Quiz App Download: all around sounds, sound absorption, volume and amplitude, sound waves and noise test prep for online school courses.

The Quiz: Singing and talking are the PDF, "Sound Waves Quiz" App iOS & Android (Free) with natural sounds, artificial sounds, man-made sounds, and sounds made electronically choices for online school classes. Study all around sounds quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online education.

Class 7 Science: Sound Waves Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Singing and talking are the

A) artificial sounds
B) natural sounds
C) man-made sounds
D) sounds made electronically

MCQ: In large empty rooms, even a click keeps on

A) increasing
B) decreasing
C) repeating
D) coming

MCQ: Sounds of thunder and horn of lorries are known as

A) loud sounds
B) soft sounds
C) high pitched sounds
D) low pitched sounds

MCQ: Sound is created by our vocal cord due to

A) air in lungs
B) cilia in the throat
C) vibration in throat
D) vibration in lungs

MCQ: The normal value of decibel that our ears can detect is

A) -20
B) 0
C) 20
D) 40

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