Map Skills MCQs Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download

Map skills MCQs, map skills quiz answers pdf, test prep 6 to study grade 7 geography for online certificate courses. Practice "longitudes" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), map skills quiz questions and answers for online schools. Learn latitudes, time zones, prime meridian test prep for online elementary school courses.

"The Sun around June 21 directly overheads at the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on map skills with choices tropic of cancer, tropic of virgo, tropic of capricorn, and tropic of scorpio for online schools. Free geography study guide for online learning longitudes quiz questions for online courses.

Map Skills MCQs Quiz 6 PDF Download

MCQ: The Sun around June 21 directly overheads at the

  1. Tropic of Virgo
  2. Tropic of Cancer
  3. Tropic of Capricorn
  4. Tropic of Scorpio


MCQ: The name of the engineer who proposed system of standard time is

  1. Sir William Fleming
  2. Sir Patrick Fleming
  3. Sir Sandford Fleming
  4. Sir Alexander Fleming


MCQ: The Prime Meridian is also known as

  1. Arctic Meridian
  2. Greenwich Meridian
  3. Latin Meridian
  4. Antarctic Meridian


MCQ: The unit in which latitudes are measured is

  1. inches
  2. millimeters
  3. centimeters
  4. degrees


MCQ: The South Pole is

  1. 90°N
  2. 50°S
  3. 50°N
  4. 90°S