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Sense Organ and Senses Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 11

Solve Sense organ and senses quiz questions and answers PDF, sense organ and senses MCQ worksheets with answers key to practice grade 6 6th grade science worksheet 11 for online certificates. Practice Class 6 Science Facts MCQs, sense organ and senses quiz questions and answers for online degrees. Learn human ear, eyes and light, science facts for kids test prep for online elementary school courses.

"Ear is an organ which is a part of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on sense organ and senses with choices auditory system, respiratory system, digestive system, and excretion system for online degrees. Solve class 6 science facts quiz questions for school certificate programs for online teaching certification programs.

Sense Organ and Senses MCQs Quiz 11 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Ear is an organ which is a part of

  1. respiratory system
  2. auditory system
  3. digestive system
  4. excretion system


MCQ: The organ that helps us in hearing and maintaining balance is known as

  1. eyes
  2. brain
  3. ear
  4. arteries


MCQ: The muscle that changes the shape and size of the pupil is known as

  1. ciliary muscle
  2. cornea
  3. retina
  4. sclerotic


MCQ: The people who see close images blurred but far objects are sharp in their vision, this situation is known as

  1. refractive error
  2. blur vision
  3. farsighted
  4. nearsighted


MCQ: A very thin and sensitive membrane that plays an important part in converting the sound waves by vibrating is known as

  1. canal
  2. pinna
  3. eardrum
  4. cochlea