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Air and Atmosphere Quiz Answers PDF Download - 15

The Book Air and atmosphere Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, air and atmosphere MCQ questions, test 15 to study online class 6 science distance learning course. Download Air and Processes MCQs PDF, air and atmosphere quiz questions and answers for online school classes. The eBook Air and Atmosphere Quiz App Download: air and processes, composition of air, fractional distillation of air, gas properties and air test prep for online schools.

The Quiz: Fish exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide through gills in PDF, Air and Atmosphere App iOS & Android (Free) with water, liquid, material, and solution choices for online school classes. Study air and processes quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for elementary school graduation certificate.

Class 6 Science: Air and Atmosphere Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Fish exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide through gills in

A) liquid
B) water
C) material
D) solution

MCQ: The moisture capacity of air is called

A) vapors
B) humidity
C) moist
D) wet air

MCQ: Photosynthesis is a process in which carbon dioxide and water combine to form

A) carbon
B) calcium
C) chlorophyll
D) carbohydrates

MCQ: The first step of fractional distillation of liquefied air is to bring the air to a very

A) high temperature
B) same temperature
C) low temperature
D) extreme temperature

MCQ: The state that fills the volume of its container is

A) semi liquid
B) solid
C) gas
D) liquid

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