Multiple Choice Questions on Ratio Rate and Speed Quiz 4 Download PDF

Ratio rate and speed Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), ratio rate and speed quiz answers PDF, 6th grade math test 4 for online degree courses. Practice "Average Speed" MCQs, ratio rate and speed quiz questions and answers for online education programs. Learn average speed, rate calculations, ratio calculations test prep for online school and college.

"The total distance travelled is divided by total time taken to calculate" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on ratio rate and speed with choices average time, average rate of return, average distance, and average speed for online education programs. Free math study guide for online learning average speed quiz questions for online certificate courses.

Ratio Rate and Speed MCQs Quiz 4 Download PDF

MCQ: The total distance travelled is divided by total time taken to calculate

  1. average rate of return
  2. average time
  3. average distance
  4. average speed


MCQ: If the cost of 1kg of flour is $2.6 then the cost of 12kg of flour (in dollars) is

  1. 43.2
  2. 35.2
  3. 31.2
  4. 41.2


MCQ: A car is travelling at an average speed of 25m/s then time taken by train to travel 1200m is (in seconds)

  1. 40 seconds
  2. 38 seconds
  3. 48 seconds
  4. 58 seconds


MCQ: If a worker works 8 hours for $25 then the pay for working 10 hours is

  1. 31.25
  2. 40.25
  3. 50
  4. 39.25


MCQ: Ana wants to make a necklace with white, blue and red beads. The ratio of white to blue beads is 2 : 3 while ratio of blue to red beads is 3 : 4. The ratio of white beads to blue beads to red beads in its simplest form is

  1. 4:03:06
  2. 2:03:04
  3. 3:04:05
  4. 6:03:06