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Climate and Natural Vegetation Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 7

Solve Climate and natural vegetation quiz questions and answers, climate and natural vegetation MCQ questions with answers PDF to solve grade 6 geography quiz 7 for online certification. Earth Main Ecosystems MCQs, climate and natural vegetation quiz questions and answers for online certifications. "Climate and Natural Vegetation " Book PDF: earth main ecosystems test prep for distance education.

"The regions Amazon Basin and Congo Basin are found with" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on climate and natural vegetation with choices tropical rainforests, tropical monsoon forests, coniferous rainforests, and temperate deciduous forests for online certifications. Practice earth main ecosystems quiz questions for school certificate programs for online elementary school classes.

Climate and Natural Vegetation Questions and Answers

MCQ: The regions Amazon Basin and Congo Basin are found with

tropical monsoon forests
tropical rainforests
coniferous rainforests
temperate deciduous forests

MCQ: The daytime temperature of hot desert vegetation is

32 °C
40 °C
48 °C
38 °C

MCQ: The height of trees in canopy layer of rainforest is between

40 to 50 layers
15 to 30 meters
10 to 20 meters
30 to 40 meters

MCQ: The percentage of Earth's land area which is covered by tropical rainforests is


MCQ: The weather condition in temperate grasslands is

humid in winter
hot in summer
humid in spring
cold in winter