Hydrocarbons Questions and Answers 18 PDF Download

Hydrocarbons quiz questions and answers, hydrocarbons trivia questions PDF to practice grade 10 chemistry test 18 for online learning. Practice "Alkynes" MCQs, hydrocarbons quiz questions and answers for school certificate. Learn alkanes test prep for school certificate.

"Methane is reacted with chlorine in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on hydrocarbons with choices darkness, direct sunlight, diffused sunlight, and any environment for school certificate. Free chemistry study guide for online learning alkynes quiz questions for online degrees.

Hydrocarbons MCQs Quiz 18 PDF Download

MCQ: Methane is reacted with chlorine in

  1. direct sunlight
  2. darkness
  3. diffused sunlight
  4. any environment


MCQ: When methane and chlorine are reacted in direct sunlight, the reaction is

  1. normal
  2. explosive
  3. faster
  4. cheaper