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Chemical Equilibrium MCQ Questions and Answers 7 PDF Download eBook

Practice Chemical equilibrium Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF, chemical equilibrium MCQs questions PDF worksheets to solve grade 10 chemistry test 7 for online school programs. Practice "Importance of Equilibrium Constant" MCQs, chemical equilibrium quiz questions and answers for school certificate. Learn equilibrium constant basics, reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium test prep for online high school classes.

"A substance which increases the rate of reaction is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on chemical equilibrium with choices reactant, catalyst, product, and coordinator for school certificate. Solve importance of equilibrium constant quiz questions for school certificate programs for online education.

Chemical Equilibrium MCQs Quiz 7 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: A substance which increases the rate of reaction is called

  1. catalyst
  2. reactant
  3. product
  4. coordinator


MCQ: If the concentration, temperature, and pressure is changed, the system responds in a way that

  1. follows the change
  2. opposes the change
  3. does not change at all
  4. encourages the change


MCQ: The conditions for equilibrium of concentration of reactant and products will be the same if

  1. temperature is constant
  2. pressure or volume is constant
  3. concentration of products and reactants are same
  4. all of above


MCQ: A reversible reaction

  1. always completes
  2. never goes to completion
  3. spontaneous reactions
  4. non spontaneous reactions


MCQ: What is the term used for a state of a chemical reaction in which forward and reverse reactions take place at the same rate?

  1. chemical equilibrium
  2. stable reaction
  3. reversible reaction
  4. forward reaction