Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Characteristics of Acids Bases and Salts Quiz 21 Download PDF

Characteristics of acids bases & salts Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), quiz answers PDF, chemistry test 21 for online degree courses. Practice "Self Ionization of Water pH Scale" MCQs, characteristics of acids bases & salts quiz questions and answers for virtual online school. Learn self ionization of water ph scale, concepts of acids and bases, 10th grade chemistry worksheets test prep for virtual high school.

"Which of the following is used to crave patterns during etching?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on characteristics of acids bases and salts with choices base, acid, dye, and water for virtual online school. Free chemistry study guide for online learning self ionization of water ph scale quiz questions for virtual high school.

Characteristics of Acids Bases & Salts MCQs Quiz 21 Download PDF

MCQ: Which of the following is used to crave patterns during etching?

  1. acid
  2. base
  3. dye
  4. water


MCQ: A base is a substance that ionizes in water to produce

  1. H+ ions
  2. OH- ions
  3. O2
  4. H2


MCQ: Which of the following increases when pH is less than 7?

  1. [H+]
  2. [OH-]
  3. [OH+]
  4. [O-]


MCQ: Considering the methods for making salt, the reaction of acid and metal oxide gives

  1. salt and water
  2. salt and hydrogen
  3. salt, carbon dioxide and water
  4. salt and salt


MCQ: What is the pH of lemon juice?

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3