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Learn Biochemistry MCQ with answers, biochemistry quiz questions with answers PDF to solve grade 10 chemistry worksheet 42 for online classes. Practice Lipids Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), biochemistry quiz questions and answers for online degrees. Biochemistry MCQs PDF: lipids, vitamins, proteins, test your vitamin knowledge test prep for online learning.

"The source of Butyric acid is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on biochemistry with choices palm oil, butter, beef fat, and olive oil for online degrees. Solve lipids quiz questions for school certificate programs for online high school courses.

MCQs on Biochemistry

MCQ: The source of Butyric acid is

palm oil
beef fat
olive oil

MCQ: What happens if fat-soluble vitamins are taken in excess?

they cause harm
they are readily excreted from the body
they don?t causes any harm
they get stored in body

MCQ: The two functional groups found in amino acids are

alcohols and amines
carboxylic acids and alcohols
ethers and amines
carboxylic acids and amines

MCQ: Source of stearic acid is

palm oil
beef fat
olive oil

MCQ: Our bodies cannot produce