Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Support and Movement Quiz 21 PDF Download

Support and movement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), quiz answers PDF, biology test 21 for online degree courses. Practice "Elbow Joint" MCQs, support and movement quiz questions and answers for online degree programs. Learn human body and skeleton, joint classification, human skeleton test prep for online courses.

"Considering the human skeleton, the collagen fibers are located in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on support and movement with choices matrix of cartilage, matrix of osteocytes, matrix of ligaments, and matrix of tendons for online degree programs. Free biology study guide for online learning elbow joint quiz questions for online high school.

Support and Movement MCQs Quiz 21 PDF Download

MCQ: Considering the human skeleton, the collagen fibers are located in

  1. matrix of osteocytes
  2. matrix of cartilage
  3. matrix of ligaments
  4. matrix of tendons


MCQ: The joints that allow human bones to move in all directions are called

  1. fixed joints
  2. slightly moveable joints
  3. hinge joints
  4. ball-and-socket joints


MCQ: The outer layer of the bone which is harder than other tissues is called

  1. connecting bones
  2. protective bones
  3. compact bone
  4. spongy bone


MCQ: Which of the following is the inflammation of bones?

  1. osteoporosis
  2. arthritis
  3. gout
  4. osteoarthritis


MCQ: The joints that allow a wide range of movements are called

  1. ball-and-socket joints
  2. moveable joints
  3. slightly moveable joints
  4. immoveable joints