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Solve Support and movement worksheets with answers, support and movement trivia questions with answers PDF to learn grade 10 biology worksheet 12 for courses online. Human Skeleton MCQs, support and movement quiz questions and answers for online degree programs. "Support and Movement Book" PDF: human skeleton, axial skeleton, osteoporosis, triceps and bicep, human body and skeleton test prep for online courses.

"How many ribs are in the human body?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on support and movement with choices 23, 22, 24, and 26 for online degree programs. Solve human skeleton quiz questions for school certificate programs for online high school.

MCQs on Support and Movement Quiz

MCQ: How many ribs are in the human body?


MCQ: In the axial skeleton of the human body, the number of bones in vertebrae (vertebral column) is

26 bones
28 bones
31 bones
34 bones

MCQ: Osteoporosis is a disease of


MCQ: Biceps and Triceps have their insertion at

pelvic girdle
arm bone
pectoral girdle
one of the two bones of forearm

MCQ: The types of cartilage do not include

hyaline cartilage
elastic cartilage
fibrous cartilage
inelastic cartilage