MCQ Questions and Answets on Reproduction Quiz 38 Download PDF

Reproduction MCQ questions and answers, reproduction quiz answers PDF, biology test 38 for online certificate courses. Practice "Methods of Asexual Reproduction" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), reproduction quiz questions and answers for online school classes. Learn sexual reproduction on plants, sexual reproduction in animals, pollination test prep for online certificate courses.

"The kind of fertilization in which two fusions are involved is classified as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on reproduction with choices double fertilization, nuclei fertilization, self fertilization, and ovule fertilization for online school classes. Free biology study guide for online learning methods of asexual reproduction quiz questions for distance learning.

Reproduction MCQs Quiz 38 Download PDF

MCQ: The kind of fertilization in which two fusions are involved is classified as

  1. nuclei fertilization
  2. double fertilization
  3. self fertilization
  4. ovule fertilization


MCQ: Considering the oogenesis, the ovary structures follicles carry

  1. diploid spermatogonia
  2. diploid oogonia
  3. haploid oogonia
  4. haploid spermatogonia


MCQ: The generation of the plant in which spores are produced is called

  1. zoophyte generation
  2. bryophyte generation
  3. sporophyte generation
  4. gametophyte generation


MCQ: The examples of flowers that are pollinated by wind are

  1. buttercup and rose
  2. sunflower
  3. orchid and wall flower
  4. corn and willow


MCQ: The structure which is responsible for the formation of sperms is known as

  1. seminiferous tubules
  2. prostate tubules
  3. scrotum tubes
  4. seminal tubes